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Real name: Annerly Gordon
Label: A-Beat C,

The famed A-Beat C vocalist is possibly best known for her work with the band Whigfield. Despite singing under a large variety of aliases, she also has sang backup for Ken Laszlo and Dave Rodgers.

---- Random Facts ----
- Annerley sang some songs under other labels as well, such as time. And she wrote some songs for Vibration.
- Among her many aliases, she is known for singing under Annerly Gordon, Annalise, Groove Twins, Soul Ltd., Tiffany Jones, Virginelle, Lolita, Go Go Girls, Masquerade, Charme, Kate's Project, Whigfield, Ann Sinclair, Niki Niki, Serena, Samantha Giles, Love 4 Sale, and Ann Lee.

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