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Odyssey & The DNA Team - Lunatic

Living carefree, not even a spark
would attempt to illuminate what's in your dark
But I go where angels fear to tread
For the bounty that I have placed upon your head

Countless ages, I have sought you out
To discern what your cruelty is all about
This is more than pretty counter-act
Neither Goddess or machine prevents my attacking...!

Hatred seeping out of every pore, for you
Your fire has made my life a burning hell!
Though I have no single drop of royal blood
I know I've been defiled!

While you torture me for your ecstasy
You don't know what I have to store for you!
All this bloodlust must bring you to entropy...
Though I fear it's... makin' me a lunatic!

I expected better from a queen--
Oh, I'm sorry, a princess, haven't earned your way up?
Your entire principality will remember
this moments as your bloodiest day!